Compiles ASP and other VBScripts to COM DLL. Supports fully VBScript 5.0 features, including classes. Can be configured to compile scripts for custom hosts other than ASP. Advanced features are available which help to build libraries etc. ASP Compiler contains an IDE with integrated text editor. Errors and warnings are issued during the build to help the developer to correct the source code.

Publisher description

ASP Compiler was born as utility that converts ASP pages to COM DLL, but eveolved to universal multipurpose programming environment for WEB related tasks. Its new feature Compile Time Scripting (CTS) makes possible to add script code in the pages - executed during the compilation. E.g. you have client script, ASP script and now compiler script also. This makes the compiled pages active. CTS can be moved outside the compiled files, packed in libraries, redistributted to other workpplaces, enriched with GUI and so oun. These powerful extension features allow wide range of tasks to be performed - automatic ASP code generation, HTML pages generation (from DB, from files), collecting information for huge sets of pages and generate indeces, sitemaps etc. In other words ASP Compiler is the beginning - it ships with several CTS we wrote and you can extend it as you need, automate some code writting when it becomes boring, generate the pages that are not too dynamic locally to lower the server overhead and so on.

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